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It’s that time of year  when everyone envisions a summer-vacation full of fun adventures! Whether you are off to an island with your family or road-tripping with your friends, being prepared with the essentials will make for a smooth summer trip.

Here are some top tips and resources for the essentials that make any vaca a success…and don’t forget your camera for memory-making fun!

1/ Ready to hit the road with your friends for a short weekend of bliss? Check out these 14 Road Trip Essentials Before you Hit the Gas!

2/ Wondering what to wear around the world or to a remote island? Here is a “What to Wear Everywhere” list you’ll want to scope out

3/ You knew I would point you in the right direction for taking vaca photos, right? Here are top tips for photographing your road trip!

4/ Maybe you’re looking to leave the tech behind…NOT! Here’s the ultimate checklist for packing your tech.

5/ Okay so maybe this is a little far-out…but just in case you’re into caves… Here are the best 28 caves to explore in the world! 

6/ You + your BFF’s on a road trip? You’ve go to check out These 30 Insanely Easy Ways for a Fabulous Road Trip

7/ Maybe DON’T do these! Yep, the list you’ll want to read for 9 Things to NEVER do on a road trip…

8/ You’ll want to check out over 1000 ideas on Pinterest for Cute Summer Travel Outfits here!

9/ Love to be organized? You’ll love this Vid on How to Pack, Tips & Tricks!

10/ Traveling on a plane? Okay. Maybe this is basic..but I love her travel outfits and her accent! Travel Essentials

11/ Leave it to Teen Vogue to be so hip on What to Wear on a Road Trip!

12/ TSA approved travel bag essentials you won’t want to leave without: 15 Beauty Travel Essentials 

By the way, if you end up using your iPhone (or Droid) for your vaca photos, you’ll love the amazing things you can do with those photos after vacation! Be sure to print them out to keep the memory for a lifetime! Check out these great places to create great photo-keepsakes from your mobile phone photos:

13/ Panormaic, Mini-Books and Mini-Squares of your vaca pix: Social Print Studio

14/ Fun little sticker-books of your vacation pix that you’ve shared on Instagram: Instagoodies

15/ Instant photo-books of your Instagram & FB vacation photo albums: Blurb

Hope you have a fabulous summer and an even better vacation! Tag me on your vacation photos that you post on Instagram!






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