Julie had a vision for her senior portraits: she wanted to walk down to the swing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge! Yes, there’s actually a swing, tied to a tree, well-known for it’s great view of the famous bridge.

Our Senior Story Film Session includes styling, so Sara went to Julia’s home prior to the trip. We all met at the top of the lookout on the Saucilito side of the San Francisco Bay.

Getting to the “swing” down by the beach was a…walk. A long walk I might add. There were 500 cars trying to park in about 20 available spots along the curvy road-side, with 3 lookouts along the coast (very high above the ocean, I might add).

Don and I parked quite a ways away (our only option) and we met up with Julia and her friend Tori at the gate leading down to the water. It was a crazy-fun day and we were so blessed to have a perfectly clear day for her senior pictures! The Bay can be quite overcast most days!

I loved her outfit choices for this session. She wanted a “beachy white dress” with a floral crown plus a few other casual looks (with denim, white tee, plaid etc) and a dressy dress with a leather jacket for the bridge shots.

We captured images all along the way down to the water, down at the beach, and again walking back towards the overlook over the bridge. Here are some of my favorites from the day:





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