It’s getting close! Our model orientation meetings will be in full swing in March and we are so excited for what’s in store for high school seniors across our Sacramento area!

Each year we select a group of teens who are leaders, shakers and movers…involved in and/or outside of school in various activities ranging from service to hobbies to leadearship and sports. This group of seniors are teens who love our style and are excited to be the “face” of our studio throughout their senior year!

I’ve been photographing high school seniors for 11 years and from year one, I’ve had a “teen program”. This next year, for class of 2018, we will be fusing film into our photography work and we can’t wait to showcase the styles and fashions that teens today love, via our amazing TFS Model Team18.

PSST: We are still accepting nominations and applications at this link here: APPLY TO BE A SENIOR MODEL FOR CLASS OF 2018 HERE


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