FYI! NEWSFLASH! ———->  Do you love style? Need inspiration for your own senior session OR are you a photographer? I have a POLYVORE ACCOUNT that allows me to create looks for style trends  for both girls and guys that you’ll love for inspiration!

We all love denim—jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts! The REASON we all love denim is obvious: it’s so gosh darn VERSATILE! We can dress it up, dress it down, style it up, style it down. Denim is never going to go out of style. It’s quite simply a STAPLE.

Well here it is, dead of winter, so WHAT do you suppose I’m eyeing these days for photo shoots? SPRING-STYLED DENIM….of course! I love jeans for photo shoots because of the very reason stated above: versatility. Depending on your style, you can be a chic sophisticate or a country charm, all based on the accessories, darling! Scarves, shoes, outwear, etc. can all make the difference.

In the HOT SEAT this season? Denim on denim styled with florals! —–> Watch for a very fun styled shoot we have scheduled this spring using this look!

I’m loving the sets that have been rolling through my Instagram feed from  AND By the way—they have some amazing looks and styles you can pick up for a very reasonable price if you want to add an outfit or two to your photo session wardrobe.

Here is some inspiration for you — and as I always say: if you are going to shop for a new outfit for your senior photo shoot, make sure you’ll wear it AGAIN. It should be an addition to your wardrobe that will be a fave (thus, you can justify buying some fun new things for our shoot with you!).

Denim On Denim




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