Special notice to all senior photographers: SENIOR GUYS ARE THE NEW BLACK. Yes. Really.

Well, not for Teri Fode Photography, because we’ve been photographing boys for the 11 years we’ve been in business, but there seems to have been a trend started that evolved into many, many studios across the country offering senior portraits to “girls only”.

I never understood this trend…what do you actually say to the moms that have boys and call your studio for a portrait session? I know many studios have found much success with this business model and it has worked fabulously for them. I’ve always appreciated the fact that we each get to choose how we want to run our businesses and I totally respect this decision. But nevertheless, I’ve never understood it. Probably because I have a boy. And he graduated in 2011. And his senior portraits were very, very important to me.

This trend has created a big, gaping whole in many communities. A whole that leaves moms of senior guys wondering why they only see senior girl photos all over social media, and all over the websites of professional photographers. And why they call studio after studio only to hear “we only photograph senior girls”.

Something has changed in the past 12 months though. Little by little, more and more senior boy photos are being featured. More and more photographers are finding that moms of boys want senior portraits just as much as moms of girls. And…they value portraits equally, too!

With much excitement, I’ve created a much-needed marketing product for this emerging “trend” of senior boys hitting social media. This is a marketing product for professional photographers looking to either enter into the senior guy market or who want to up their game. And trust me, there is a huge market for senior guy portraits.

It’s the SENIOR GUY MARKETING COLLECTION released through my photography marketing and education site, VoiceYourBrand. We’ve extended the savings code through the month of April, being the debut month. It’s a $20 savings code at checkout using “seniorguysrock”. 

This is the exact information I supply to my own moms of senior guys (honestly, the moms are the ones that want this information and will help prepare their sons, though once in awhile the guys are into it and want this info too). While this information has always been part of our senior portrait sessions, just recently we created it into this amazing “visual impact” presentation and this is the first time we are offering it to the professional photography industry (100 mile zip code restriction to 95765 and 95814).

Here’s the link to the marketing collection: SENIOR GUYS MARKETING COLLECTION for professional photographers


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