ASHLEA HAS URBAN STYLE~Check this out if you love urban / city elements!

I love her URBAN style and fashion choices for her senior session—and these were all favorites from her closet!

Her black two-piece skirt and top combo stole the show and she wore it well paired with bright red lips. This was the prefect outfit for a pool-side shot as well as a few in the back urban-alley. Add a pair of sunnies and I would consider this the perfect choice!

I loved her creamy sweater with legging and boots as well as the fur vest-jacket. These were some of her favorite outfits worn at the session. And of course, Sara Williams was our Makeup Artist.

2016-05-01_0019 2016-05-01_0018 2016-05-01_0017 2016-05-01_0016 2016-05-01_0015 2016-05-01_0014 2016-05-01_0013


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