Even her name is chic: Paris is a 2016 senior just weeks away from graduation!

When we met to plan her senior session, there were 3 main points that were important to her: 1) capturing her outfit from her Europe trip in a very chic & urban setting (see the first group of images), 2) an emphasis on flowers, and especially in her hair; 3) wearing her senior ball dress in an urban setting prior to the actual event but still making it special with her boyfriend.

Regarding her senior ball dress, I suggested a “first look” with her boyfriend. She wanted photos with him, wearing her special dress, but still wanted it to feel special for senior ball. With  a “first look”, we arranged for him to see her “for the first time” in the dress in a fun and special way out on-location.

He was dressed in a tuxedo and after the first look (and lots of smiles and laughter), we captured the 2 of them in the downtown Sacramento setting.

I loved her European romper paired with a black hat and belt plus scarf and accessories. Truly very chic!

Here she is, Paris, 2016 Senior:




2016-05-01_0002 2016-05-01_0001





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