When I met with Marigot and her mom for their senior consultation, we decided on the studio location because they wanted a “nature setting” with an option for urban. We have a nearby uban area and also, an area right in our own location that serves as “urban”!

We talked about her style and I was excited…while she didn’t really have a “name” for it, I knew it was a minimal-chic style that would be super fun to photograph! She had her eye on a hat in my style closet that she planned on pairing with an outfit she loved.

Speaking of my style closet, it’s actually very small but we add pieces to it frequently. Primarily, it’s an “accessory” closet that our clients have access to during their senior photo sessions.

I loved how this session turned out and one of my newest favorite images comes from her session!

Meet Marigot—minimalist/chic fashionista!


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