Seems like just yesterday that we were at Noah’s paradise home photographing him…now he graduates in a few short weeks! We actually photographed Noah last fall right before the rains came into Sacramento.

When I say his backyard was like a paradise, I’m not kidding either. It was crazy-amazing, complete with a “Hawaii-like” waterfall and pool that made me forget I was in Sacramento taking his senior pictures!

He’s an avid dirt-biker. Including his dirt-bike was super important to him. Okay…so we were smack-dab in the middle of the city of Sacramento. It was my job to capture images that made that not even matter! We planned on doing a 2nd shoot just for his dirt-bike but they loved these enough to create lots of portraits from them!

If you saw our New Year’s video, you probably remember seeing Noah as one of our models—he’s super fun to photograph and very photogenic!

By the way—don’t you love this suit and tie?! It was one of my favorite outfits he wore.

Meet Noah…class of 2017:



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