Can you believe it? Class of 2017 is about to officially walk across the stage to get that dipolma! It’s officially the month that seniors all across the country will be graduating from high school!

Families are planning grad parties and senior girls are shopping for that special grad-day dress to wear underneath their robes!

I have to admit…this time of year is bitter-sweet for me. I feel like “my seniors” are leaving me! All for a good reason—so much is in the future for all of the seniors out there. I love hearing about college acceptances and future plans.

Well with that said, here are a few fun grad dress ideas for those girls that are looking for that special graduation dress. While it’s fun shopping for a dress, it can be hectic this time of year. These dresses are linked to my polyvore account which means you can shop directly online if you see one you like (disclaimer: I am in no way linked to these accounts and in no way benefit from these links—purely for fun and convenience):

Grad Dress Style 3



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